Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Rescuing Labour

I'd never bet on anyone describing John Prescott as the saviour of the party, but Roy Hattersley has a point.

The Labour Party - perhaps more specifically Tony Blair - is on the verge of squandering an opportunity to make a real difference to the economic and social structure of this country. We have the political power to make genuinely radical changes - not ones that merely take the ground from the Tories and try to clothe it in a smart New Labour suit.

Of greater concern to me, as a grassroots operator, is the loss of members. For the few that go out in a blaze of vitriolic glory attacking the rightward shift of the party, there are many more who just let their subscriptions lapse and never renew. We are at risk of letting the party go to seed and that would be a terrible legacy for everybody in this country.

Another interesting article from the Guardian today, from the editors of Renewal.

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