Friday, October 08, 2004

Blue Wedge

Following hard on the heels of Nicholas Soames love of Dido and Liam Fox's admiration of Scissor Sisters, another bunch of slebs have come out about their love of the Tory Party. For years, the Tories have been able to call upon stars of the quality of Phil Collins (who lives in Switzerland, if memory serves), Rick Wakeman, Floella Benjamin (yesterday's children will remember her from BBC kid's programming in the 70s and Tim Rice. Hardly a stellar line-up, but they now have a ringing endorsement from the junior gods of pop-rock, Busted.

In an interview with Tatler (well known for pop and politics), Charlie 'Eyebrows' said "I don't really like politics but I've always grown up with their views - the Tories' way of doing things. I just prefer their way of doing things." He isn't the only one. Joining in the pop gibbon's support was Matty Jay "Yeah, actually, you know what, I am not going to be ripped off any more. From the financial position I am in now, I am a fucking Tory boy too." I'm glad to see a self-confessed LibDem voter supporting a real party, but I'm not sure that this is the image that the Tories want to project (even if it is accurate)

I should point out that Charlie is a former public schoolboy and is now extremely rich, so I guess that his support for the Tories is pretty much a given. Michael Howard jumped to celebrate this vote of confidence "I didn't know them but I am becoming more familiar with them. But I am very pleased they are supporting us." Well, somebody has to.

Excuse me, I now have to go and attack my daughter's albums with a hammer.

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