Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Ugly Face of Animal Rights

This is simply despicable. The desecration of the grave has been linked to a very nasty campaign by animal rights terrorists against the owners of a local farm used to breed guinea pigs for research purposes.

I don't have a problem with any legitimate form of protest and action within normal political parameters. We can argue about the rights and wrongs of medical experimentation on animals or issues like hunting - that's how the political system in this country works.

But when it comes to digging up the corpse of an 82 year old woman related to the family who own the farm, I can't think of words to describe the inhumanity of it. I'm glad to see that other protestors have distanced themselves from this obscenity and hope that they can help the police identify the criminals who carried out the action.

It has exposed another nasty streak of pro-animal terrorism, though. This farm has been the focus of campaigning for a while - the local newsagent was threatened with arson if he continued to deliver papers to the farm. Both the local pubs now refuse to serve the family after similar threats - one of the landlords stood firm against this, but was removed by the brewery. He now can't get a job elsewhere because of the continued threats to burn any pub where he works. Drivers delivering fuel oil to the farm have been followed to their homes and have had leaflets distributed locally identifying them as paedophiles. (Source: BBC Radio WM, 9/10/4).

This is terrorism. How long before these 'protestors' take their campaign to the next level and start killing people?

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