Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Paxo Stuffing

Anyone who saw magnificent drubbing that Howard got at the hands of Paxman on Newsnight will understand the size of the problems that the Tories face. Paxman and a camera crew trailed around after the Tory leader on a weekend trip to Cornwall - where the Tories have no MPs. What could have been a shop window for Tory campaigning turned into a farce, with the leader's helicopter arriving late in a field belonging to a farmer who wasn't a supporter and was happy to say so. Even those Tories who turned out to support Howard, by waving blue balloons in the background, seemed not to know what they were doing. Frankly embarrassing for the Conservatives.

I'm still of the opinion that the best party political broadcast for Labour would be a repeat of the wonderful interview dating from Howard's tenure as Home Secretary, where he denied threatening to overrule Derek Lewis, then Director of the Prison Service, some fourteen times.

And he says you can' t trust Tony?

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