Sunday, December 12, 2004


I hold no torch for George Galloway - I think his ego outpaces his talent by some way and his 'salutation' for Saddam Hussein makes me cringe. I also believe that his Respect party is in bed with some politically unpleasant elements, all over one issue. Frankly, I don't like the guy.

But, I have no doubt that he was wronged by the Telegraph and I think that the whole affair has intelligence fingerprints all over it. We are expected to believe that a Telegraph journalist happened to go into an ransacked building, find an undisturbed room of files and then happen upon a file relating to the dictator's relationship with George Galloway?

For what little it may be worth, my view is that one of the spooks had already been there, found the document and directed the journalist where to find it. I think it is unlikely that the intelligence boys would try and feed the Telegraph a known false document or that they had the wherewithal to plan this little deception in advance of the invasion.

So, I think that the document is genuine in a way, but not in a way to excite George's lawyers. I suspect that somebody in Iraq was taking money from the oil for food programme and this letter was used as cover.

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