Monday, January 31, 2005

Dodgy Advertising

The new collection of Labour adverts seem to have caused a bit of a storm. Last week, draft copies of these were emailed out to members to allow them to vote as to which was the best.

To be honest, I wasn't massively impressed with any of them, but I really didn't see any anti-semitic overtones.

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Maybe it is just me, but I don't think of politicians in terms of their racial background.

I didn't see the flying pigs as insulting Howard and Letwin's Jewish faith (neither do many Jews, as I understand), nor did I spot the hidden reference to Howard as Fagin (more problematic, judging by public reaction). I just saw a fairly unimaginative political campaign focussing on the fact that the Tory spending plans don't add up. As it happens, I voted for the Howard as hypnotist one (without even spotting the apparent Fagin overtones). Apparently, these are the brainchildren of Trevor Beattie, the only man who could make swearing boring - he invented those FCUK adverts where you confuse FCUK with... never mind.

There's even been a theory doing the rounds that this is a subliminal attempt by Labour to appeal to Muslim voters by reminding them of Howard and Letwin's racial origins. Too subtle for me.

To be honest, given the low public recognition of most of the Tory frontbench, including Howard, Labour are better off running with the 'Same Old Tories, Same Old Lies' poster, rather than expecting voters to recognise Oliver Letwin.

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Tavis Pitt said...

Then the other ads must mean:
'Tory heads': no view of body = anti-nudist
'2 + 2 = 5': difficulty with numbers/letters = anti-dyslexic