Saturday, February 12, 2005

Decisions, decisions

The Liberal Democrat/Tory coalition runs into yet more bad publicity, as they cut funding for local projects in a ward with three Labour councillors. Coincidentally, the Liberal Democrat Cabinet member for local services, Cllr Tariq Hussein, managed to find an additional £100,000 for his own ward (one of the few decisions he has had to take in return for his cabinet salary)

Cllr Hussein was elected in June 2004, was one of three Liberal Democrats appointed to a plum Cabinet post and is now the prospective candidate for the Sparkbrook & Small Heath parliamentary constituency - a meteoric rise for someone whose only other claim to fame was a bit part as a 'Thug' in Octopussy.

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john said...

As I was saying: The formula is one agreed with Government. There are winners and losers. That is because the wards have changed and we are using more recent information.