Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The ego has landed

He's had a career as a Labour MP (oh, so many years ago), a daytime TV show host, newspaper columnist, star UKIP MEP and now, after throwing his toys out of the pram because they wouldn't let him be leader, he's started his own political movement.

Kilroy-Silk is back, with his biggest vanity project to date - Veritas. The launch was long on backbiting, but short of actual policy, but certainly seems to be a right-wing, anti-European party. He accused the other parties of complicity in the theft of 'our country' by mass immigration, promising to halt the 'ascendancy of multiculturalism' and said that 'we don't want to condescend, we don't want to patronise' - which will certainly mark a change in style from his TV show. Apparently, he alone - the perma-tanned multimillionaire - can speak for the ordinary British voter who is tired of being lied to and taken for granted by the political establishment and the 'Metropolitan smartarses' of the media. The only policy on show was the prohibition of cravats and silly hats - the uniform of the 'fascist nutters' of the UKIP (no fashion sense, these lot - blackshirts are SO much more practical).

So, now there's the BNP, UKIP and Veritas all competing for a share of the right-wing vote - no more than 3%, according to the latest ICM survey, that's several bald men fighting over a very toothless comb. Although they threaten to put up candidates in every constituency, this is a massive (and expensive) undertaking, as almost all the candidates will sink without trace. Only Kilroy has the profile to make a difference, but I don't think that Geoff Hoon has much to fear. Geoff is apparently the target of Kilroy's personal parliamentary ambitions in Nottinghamshire, but then Kilroy summed it up perfectly himself: 'we haven't got a chance.'

The European elections are decided on a proportional representation system, which offers a chance to the smaller parties, but parliamentary and local elections - the engines of British politics - are decided on the first-past-the-post system.

Top marks to Anthony Wells for tracking down the owner of the veritasparty domain name, one Jonathan Lockhart, formerly of the Commonwealth Party, registered last year at the Electoral Commission and lately at the New Party. There's even a new blog for the new party, which is rather confusingly named Vote for Kilroy - confusing because it isn't a one-man party. Oh no. Whatever would give you that idea?

According to the Independent's Pandora column, Kilroy is looking for backers, rather than putting his own money where his mouth is and he went to the New Party, which is backed by a Scottish millionaire. Kilroy agreed to join them on condition that he became leader forthwith. Like the other small parties he's been courting over recent months, they refused, so Kilroy finally decided to launch his own venture, taking some members of the New Party with him.

The new Veritas website does indeed include manifesto commitments - with immigration, asylum, 'the British Way of Life' and Europe figuring large. Crime, pensions and tax also get a look in, as does a separate section on drugs and drink (I refrain from suggesting that the whole thing has a lot to do with drugs and drink).

And that name... Veritas? Latin for truth, of course, but needlessly pretentious, surely? Also a bit, well, foreign... And, for someone opposed to the concept of a free and integrated Europe or immigration, Mr Kilroy-Silk does own a rather nice villa in Spain...

There will be more - and we'll be watching.

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