Saturday, February 12, 2005

Flattery will get you everywhere

I'm proud to see that our revered Deputy Leader of Birmingham City Council (and perpetual Liberal Democrat candidate for Yardley) reads this blog. It is nice to see that my occasional rants are reaching an audience and I live in hope that he will see the light - he even links to me from his own blog - so I shall returm the compliment.

I'm not so sure that describing me as 'inaccurate and badly informed' is quite so becoming, though. Is it time to get lawyered up or do I take that as a compliment from a Liberal Democrat?
[EDIT: He's now changed the link]

All I say is that I do try and research what I write and I aim for a reasonable standard of accuracy. Corrections and clarifications are always welcome and I have and will continue to correct any errors I make.

Thanks for the nod, though John. I don't hold out any great hopes for my little lay-by on the information superhighway, but I believe that we need genuine political dialogue and an exchange of views on policy. That's got to be healthy.

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john said...

I appreciate the fact that you have linked my blog. I take the view that open, well informed, debate is helpful.

The issues Labour have picked on recently in Birmingham and those referenced on your blog are to a considerable extent inaccurate (not all tenants got the letter) and uninformed.

However, within some time constraints I am happy to reveal the true path to enlightenment.

Time is, however, a limit and please do not assume because I fail to comment on something I accept the validity of the argument.