Friday, February 25, 2005

How not to be a candidate

A gift for being politically inept isn't limited to the Liberal Democrats, but at least the Labour Party didn't nominate this woman as a candidate.

Every sensible party always asks the question: 'Is there anything in your background that might embarrass the [insert name of party here]?'

Now, if this woman had political sensitivities, she might think a period as a Parisian prostitute in the 1970s worth mentioning to the Party as a potential source of embarrassment. But no..

'I wouldn't count it as a skeleton in my cupboard. We have single mothers who want to be MPs, gay and lesbian candidates, so why not former sex workers?'

Oddly, I don't regard being gay or a single parent as a skeleton in anyone's cupboard, although that attitude may explain why she is prepared to become a Tory if it helps her chances of getting elected. Now, while at least one prominent Conservative has a record of dealing with prostitutes, I don't think he'd like her in the House.

The Daily Ablution adds some more insight from the Daily Telegraph into the *ahem* interesting thought processes at work inside Ms Wheatley's mind.

'The one time Young Socialist declares: 'If I were elected, my first step would be to ask Tony Blair to appoint me as minister at health [sic] so I can take evidence on eternal life.'


'Nowadays she is a self-confessed republican and a woman seemingly obsessed with the Queen. She repeatedly asked whether the Queen was 'out to embarrass' her. Three stamped letters sat on her sofa ready to post. Each bore the address: 'The Queen, Buckingham Palace, London'.'

There's also a comment from a local party member from Copeland:

'As one of the party members invited to be at the selection meeting last weekend i have to report the woman ,and i use that term loosely,mumbled and laughed to herself through a toothless grin without a word being understood on the floor.not one vote was cast in her favour and quite clearly the woman was there for a laugh.'

Well, if the Tories don't want her, her gift for self-publicity should attract the Liberal Democrats.


Sam said...

Not totally sure about your line here, Comrade. Daft not to mention it to the Party but mentions it elsewhere, yes; hideous opportunist prepared to change parties, yes; shocking attitude to single parents (and sexist about it), yes; but I'm still left with the impression you think having a history as a sex worker would make her unsuitable anyway.

PoliticalHack said...

I'm not concerned about her distant past.

I am worried that she wasn't politically astute enough to realise that her past would be an issue if it were to become public knowledge. To then broadcast that history with an interview with a local paper with a decidedly anti-Labour bias doesn't make me feel any better (and the frontpage photo didn't do her any good either).

No matter how reformed - and my personal contacts tell me that she is most certainly reformed, as she had a senior job with a major international company - our political opponents would have an absolute field day with her history.