Friday, February 25, 2005

LibDems threaten workers' and parents' rights

The Guardian reports an interesting leak of a Liberal Democrat policy paper, which will be presented to their Spring Conference.

Apparently, it will be a ban on strikes in essential public services, but also 'the party proposes that in "strategic areas of the private economy, the government would be in a position to declare a strike will cause far-reaching damage to to the economy and the national interest.'

I hope that Unison will regard that as a suitable reward for the £90,000 donated to the Liberal Democrats over the past couple of years - strike action by a union is sometimes the only way to get employers to act fairly towards employees.

Intriguingly, as Charles Kennedy launched the manifesto for women, the right-wing of his party were laying plans to restrict time off for looking after children - part of Labour policy to help people balance their working lives with their family responsibilities.

The Orange Book may be a better guide to Liberal Democrat thinking than they want us to believe.

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