Friday, February 18, 2005

Liberal Democrat mast debate goes on

Shameless, that's me.

According to the Birmingham Evening Mail today, a mobile phone industry lobby group was giving evidence to a council inquiry into mobile phone masts. The public affairs manager of the Mobile Phone Operators Association is due to speak to the inquiry, led by Liberal Democrat Cllr Michael Wilkes.

I'm very surprised that the operators' association didn't send along their Council Liaison Manager. Or is Nicola too busy preparing her concession speech for Hodge Hill again? At least she does now mention her employers on her bio page.

Liberal Democrats - playing both sides of the street.


Bob Piper said...

Refreshing to see that 'Nokia' has come out. Lib Dems... hypocritical... never!!!

john said...

There isn't much of a debate. We believe in tighter controls on masts, but not banning mobile phones.

Any position which criticises Nicola for working for the Mobile Phone Industry is only valid on the basis that the industry should not exist.

Zoe said...

Interesting - I must admit I didn't know her job title before, but I'm sure she would be the obvious choice in any other local authority..

PoliticalHack said...

Your argument is nonsense, John. Actually, I've never criticised Nicola for her choice of employer - that's a matter of personal choice.

My issue has been the double standards of Liberal Democrats, who have a serious track record in opposing mobile phone masts across the country. Despite that, they still think it right and proper to have a candidate whose day job is to convince councils to allow masts to go up wherever the companies want.

That's the hypocrisy. The LDs were sensitive to it, because she was initially described vaguely as working 'in the telecommunications industry.' It was actually that reticence that got me looking into her background when her candidacy was first annouced last year.

I'm delighted to see her be open about her job and look forward to her reasoned arguments about mast safety, such as those she put forward against Mark Oaten (LD MP for Winchester, factfans) when she was trying to get the council there to allow an Orange mast to go up.

Emily Cox said...

Her job has changed since the Winchester matter.

Still it should be that her view as to what she would do in terms of policy is key rather than anything she has done as a job.

PoliticalHack said...

Her job has changed?Emily, she has moved from making arguments on behalf of Orange to making arguments on behalf of the entire industry. That might be regarded as a promotion rather than a job change.

Does she have a view on planning constraints on mobile phone masts? Does that view depend on whether she is speaking on behalf of her paymasters or her party?

john said...

So you don't think what she would do as an MP relating to Mobile Phones matters?

As far as you are concerned what her employers think is the key thing not what she would do as an MP. I disagree with that position.

I believe that it is what people do as MPs (or Councillors) that matters. Not what their employers think about anything.

If your argument is that she should not work for a mobile phone company then why?

Bob Piper said...

The problem with Lib Dems is thatr they are like the old Trot parties. They are so sensitive to ANY criticism they accept a party discipline which makes them simply Kennedy clones.... and the charge of hypocrisy just screams from every pore. I prefer the Tories... at least they know what they stand for and are prepared to argue their case. The Lib dems try to dress it up as principle... which is something they are just not good at.

john said...

Bob: :-)

sam said...

According to john this Nicola person is "only following orders". Haven't I heard this before somewhere? Does Ken have a view on her?