Friday, February 25, 2005

Off the rails - again

I'm in danger of becoming a single-issue fanatic here, not something I want to do, but another report has come out showing that the Midland Metro needs to come into the centre of Birmingham to allow it to meet the passenger targets.

Evidence submitted by the National Audit Office to the House of Commons Transport Committee said that: 'The Midland Metro stops short of New Street station in the centre of Birmingham. So the key thing there is it can take you so far in some cases, but it may also need some running just to the centre of the city.'

Light rail schemes remain controversial and I don't regard them as a panacea, nor do I believe that the Midland Metro is the only possible answer to our transportation problems. I do believe that we should look at other cities - like Sheffield and Nottingham where there have been problems and at Manchester and Croydon where the Metro system has been successful.

But surely, nobody outside the council cabinet genuinely believes that an underground system would be better?

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