Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The things they say - Pt 345

More from Cowley Street:

Responding to the Prime Minister's Conference speech, in which he said that voting Liberal Democrat would yield a Conservative Government, Matthew Taylor MP, Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party, said:

'Vote Liberal Democrat - get Liberal Democrat'

The evidence from Birmingham is that you vote Liberal Democrat and you will get the Tories.


Zoe said...

It is convenient how Lib Dems locally ignore comments like this - I note Cllr Hemming hasn't stepped in with his usual rebuttal (yet..)

john said...

We fought in the local elections on the basis of vote Lib Dem to get rid of Labour. We got rid of Labour.

My answer to the written question at full council deals with the issue of the next parliament.

PoliticalHack said...

Funny how I remember a party which accused the Tories of 'betrayal' by 'propping up' the Labour administration. I have leaflets including statements like 'if you vote Conservative, you get Labour' or 'the Conservatives.. have very little to offer.'

After June 10, when that 'gormless' opposition offered a deal, John didn't see anything inconsistent in accepting and sitting at the same Cabinet table as a man described as unfit to be Lord Mayor of Birmingham.

john said...

I campaigned to get rid of Labour and got rid of Labour ... result !!!

John Lines has improved his political behaviour since the 1990s. That should be recognised.

Sam said...

Really! And what about his personal behaviour?