Monday, March 28, 2005

Gotta no Respect?

In his little lay-by on this superhighway, John Hemming quotes from Tariq Ali's article in the Guardian about voting against MPs who supported the war on Iraq.
'"It is possible that in some constituencies the Green/Respect vote could ensure the return of a warmonger, as we have seen in the odd by-election."

This may be true. I still maintain that in Birmingham Hodge Hill, the Liberal Democrats could have won if they had not been so inept as to choose a candidate so tied to the mobile phone industry, but I digress. I'd also question whether the victorious candidate in Hodge Hill, Labour's Liam Byrne, can be classed as a warmonger, as he didn't have the opportunity to vote against the war, only being elected in 2004. John goes on:
'The challenge for Talib Hussain and Jon Hunt is that of persuading anti-Labour voters to unite behind them as the best placed candidates to beat (probably) Roger Godsiff and (probably) Khalid Mahmood.'

I do hope that John isn't implying that Roger Godsiff (Labour MP for Birmingham Sparkbrook & Small Heath) is a warmonger. I've spoken to him about the issue and he was opposed to the invasion of Iraq - indeed, he voted against it. Curiously, John fails to continue the quotation from Tariq Ali:
'In constituencies where there are MPs belonging to the anti-war faction, one should vote for them despite disagreements on many other issues'

The funny thing is that Respect's own resolution says that they 'will not challenge anti-war Labour MPs'. So why stand against Roger who has opposed the war from the start? Could it be because the large Muslim voting population in the constituency proved too tempting for this off-shoot of the Socialist Workers' Party? Opportunistic? No wonder John doesn't like them.

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john said...

Roger Godsiff voted with the government on division 118 which endorsed the war in Iraq.