Monday, March 28, 2005

No joke

Here's a case which I heard about this week from a reliable source about asylum in this country.

Ms K came to this country from a former Soviet republic and applied for asylum when she arrived at the airport. With her two children, she was taken directly to a privately-managed secure centre where her induction consisted of being taken to a small room and beaten unconscious by guards.

Although she would seem to have a well-founded fear of persecution - her father is dead, her aunt and uncle murdered because of associations with the former regime - her case was decided and she was deported.

On return to her country of origin, she and her Immigration Service minders were confronted by armed guards on the tarmac, who refused her entry to her country and insisted at gunpoint that she be returned to the UK.

She's now back here and has been given temporary leave to remain, as the police have decided to prosecute the two guards involved. Once the case is concluded, it is expected that she will again be deported - her case is to be decided shortly.

By the way, she is well-qualified and wants nothing more than to retrain as a nurse and live in this country. Wouldn't you give her a chance?

No jokes or cheap shots here - we've let her down and the least this country can do is let her stay.

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