Thursday, March 24, 2005

Tory woes continue

While they are desperately mining any seam of votes by any means available, they still haven't changed, have they? The Tories are still the 'nasty party.'

Dr Liam Fox and a pair of Tory candidates have had to pay undisclosed damages to Labour's Martin Salter after they accused him of intimidating councillors in Reading. In the name of balance, I will point out that Oona King, the Labour MP for Bethnal Green, had to settle a libel case with George Galloway last week.

Outgoing Tory MP Jonathan Sayeed isn't going quietly - he's been censured yet again and faces suspension from the house over his response to the 'cash for tours' scandal. Not to mention his interesting attitude towards expenses and allowances.

We've already had Gerald Howarth demonstrating his sensitivity to racial issues by describing one of his Tory friends as 'black as the ace of spades.' But this is the man who described the Commission into the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain as 'an extraordinary affront to the 94% of the population which is not from ethnic minorities. The native British must stand up for themselves.' Is he in the right party?

We await the news of the first Tory push-polls with interest, especially as Lynton Crosby has his mate Mark Textor 'on holiday' in the UK at the moment.

'They will play to the basest of opinions in the coming weeks," said Bob Hogg, a former campaigner for the Australian Labor party. "There's a dark underside to any human being and they pander to people's fears.'

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