Thursday, March 24, 2005

The wheels on the bus go round and round - slowly

Remember how the Conservative Cabinet Member for Cars Transportation, Len Gregory, acted swiftly last year to deal with the menace of bus lanes on the Tyburn Road? Those annoying lanes that allow bus passengers to speed past the lone occupants of cars have come under attack from Len, the driver's friend. No matter that bus punctuality then dropped 11% and passenger numbers by 15% and don't worry about agreements with CENTRO about improving bus routes - nothing must stop the car driver.

Well, the bus users are fighting back, by sending him a petition to restore the bus lanes, backed by Birmingham Friends of the Earth and Transport 2000 West Midlands. Cllr Kath Hartley will hand the petition in at the April 5 council meeting.

Len and his colleagues are apparently still consulting on whether to make this temporary suspension permanent. Perhaps the consultants are still waiting for their bus?

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