Friday, March 25, 2005

You keep truthin' when you ought to be lyin' misquote Nancy Sinatra.

Following the Danny Kruger embarrassment, where the Tory PPC for Sedgefield argued for a 'period of creative destruction in the public services.' (Putting the moron into oxymoron), another Tory is looking for a new job tonight.

The Deputy Chairman, Howard Flight, admitted that they had cleaned up some of the more politically unpalatable judgements from the James Report into public spending savings/cuts (delete as appropriate) because 'whatever the fine principles, you have to win an election first' and could then 'get on with what needs to be done.'

He also admitted that the pensioner council tax rebate was 'nakedly political' and revealed that the Tories also plan to increase the income tax thresholds and inheritance tax thresholds.

A Tory called Howard being honest. No wonder he had to go.

UPDATE: Not only has he been sacked as a deputy chairman, he has now had the party whip withdrawn, which means he is currently unable to stand as a Conservative candidate and his local party will have to select an alternative candidate. Michael Howard said:
'We will not say one thing in private and another thing in public. Everyone in my party has to sign up to that. If not, they're out.'
I suspect that this could be a little bit of a hostage to fortune. Who knows what else lurks on tape...

In any case, isn't this a massive over-reaction? Sack him from his job for not toeing the party line - fine. Actually removing him as an MP? For all the accusations of control-freakery, there are plenty of Labour rebels who know that whatever Tony B may think of them, their seats are safe. Yet, if Howard failed to act, pour encourager les autres, he risked inundation with similar views being proffered by back-benchers. Dissent has been silenced in this 'libertarian' Tory party.

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BB said...

Whatever the public line, cutting (not merely freezing) the public sector/services is the ultimate fantasy of Thatcherite activists. How they must long for the kind of freedom of action that Bush's re-election has given his people.

The Thatcherite attitude to pensioner council tax would be: "if they have access to the same services as us, they should pay the same", so any rebates on offer could only be for electoral purposes, and are definitely not to be counted upon.

I'm pretty confident the public will see through their ideological games. Perhaps after one more drubbing the Tories will return to being a proper political party.