Friday, April 15, 2005

Can anyone loan the LibDems a calculator?

More woe for our diamond-studded colleagues in Cowley Street.

It seems that their proposal to save £3.8 billion by scrapping the third tranche of the Eurofighter project has a slight flaw. It seems that the contracts with our European neighbours (and you thought that they were pro-European co-operation) will cost us £3.25 billion in penalty clauses if we withdraw, which reduces the savings to a slightly less impressive £625 million.

That money would come in handy to support the thousands of workers put on the dole if they ever put this policy into action.

It hasn't been a good few days, with the Inland Revenue announcing that the likely tax take was £3.81 billion below what the LibDems originally reckoned, that free personal care would cost £1.3 billion MORE than they budgeted for and that scrapping those tuition fees would cost an extra £4.3 billion.

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