Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Criminal damage is wrong, of course

But this is almost political comment. As is this. As for the Tories own attempts at photo manipulation...

Having a candidate hold a blank piece of card to which appropriate lettering can be added is hardly a new trick and every party does it. so that's not the issue. I am concerned that after standing up for a local resident under threat of deportation and being prominent in campaigning for her, the Tory candidate saw nothing wrong in changing that photograph to tell a different story. At the very least, it was political ineptitude - the constituency is a truly marginal Labour seat (majority 153) and would be realistically expected to turn Tory in May. Then again, maybe not.

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Unity said...

I always felt that the bloke who knocked the head off Thatcher's statue should have been award the Turner Prize rather than being charged with criminal damage.