Saturday, April 30, 2005

Education and the BNP

Simon Smith, the BNP candidate in Warley, used to be a teacher at a school in Solihull until last year.

He's been interviewed on BBC Radio WM, all in the name of balance and has done much to prove that if you give these racists enough time, they hang themselves. He told the presenter that blacks and Asians born in the UK could not be British because

'a dog born in a stable doesn't make it a horse.'

Can't fault that logic. Apart from the tiny error that dogs and horses are different species, while I think most scientists accept that human beings are pretty much the same across the planet.

Except Simon, who has more in common with the Neanderthals than homo sapiens. He wasn't sacked from teaching because of his political views, but because he is clearly a moron.

Lest we forget that it was only last year that the Birmingham Tory party had to apologise for a leaflet reminding Northfield voters that they 'felt just as strongly on key issues like asylum and immigration' as the BNP. Indeed, Michael Howard was moved to comment:
'For centuries Britain has welcomed energetic, ambitious and optimistic people from every part of the world. We have a stronger and better country, rich in our cultural diversity, because of the immigrant communities that have settled here.'

So why's the policy changed in a year, Michael?

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