Saturday, April 09, 2005

Go Jerry, Go Jerry

With John Hemming's ego now into overdrive, he plans to make the whole electoral system do a sharp emergency stop by trying for a judicial review of the Prime Minister's decision to call an election for the 5 May.

What amazed me was his choice of lawyer - none other than Jerry Hayes, fresh from the losing side in the Aston electoral fraud case where he represented two of the former Labour councillors. His one success was to get John Hemming to admit that many of his allegations were based on hearsay.

It remains to be seen whether the leadership of the Liberal Democrats will thank this putative MP for putting their carefully planned campaign on ice, should the review succeed.

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john said...

All of my evidence relating to Aston as hearsay because I spent most of the time on my campaign in South Yardley. That is not unreasonable.