Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hemmingwatch III

John's a busy man.

When he's not leading a raid on the Birmingham Elections Office to uncover misplaced postal votes from June 2004, he's heading off to issue proceedings against the Prime Minister. When it is pointed out that this is incorrect, he has to correct the petition to have a go at the Department for Constitutional Affairs. No wonder he can't find the time to read carefully prepared notes from various pressure groups desperate to get their views heard.

But nothing gets in the way of his ham-fisted attempts to blame the DTI for the Rover situation. He's even suggested that the workers should sue the ministry, working out that the claims could total £500 million. Perhaps the workers should look closer to home, to their bosses and the Phoenix consortium for running the business into the ground and exhausting the £500 million 'loan' from BMW and the other money raised from selling off group assets.

Incidentally, John now admits he was wrong to trust John Towers to run Rover. Up until the latest convulsions, John had happily portrayed himself as being key to saving the company. According to the unofficial history of Rover, John was the driving force behind the creation of the Phoenix Group and we know that he forecast that Rover could be in profit by 2002. It was only in the past few days that John remembered that he considered legal action against the directors in 2003, but held off.

I hear rumours of a campaign amongst the Liberal Democrats to parachute a dog into the Yardley campaign to replace John, on the grounds that it can't do any worse.


john said...

If the Labour Party had not acquiesced in the the forcing out of the community and workforce representatives in the original bid we could not be where we are.

Bob Piper said...

...and if John had not put blind trust in people to whom the phrase 'feathering your own nest' strikes a chord, we presumably would have had a different outcome. The failure to accept or even acknowledge any personal responsibility for anything at all that doesn't work out is a trait that appears to have followed John around from the days when he blamed a dog for voting fraud. Anyway... there's still time for a dog to stand as an Independent in Yardley.