Friday, April 15, 2005

..he's lying...

Not often that Jimmy Nail gets a political misquote, but there we go.

After annoying senior coppers by lying about crime, Howard and his band of merry men (stealing from the poor to give to the rich) have now incurred the wrath of the NHS for lying about the spread of MRSA.

Their leaflets imply that the local hospital in Knaresborough and Harrogate had 247 MRSA cases last year, but this figure actually applies to the whole region. The total for that NHS trust is just six. Similarly, Twickenham residents have been told that their two hospitals infected 166 patients, rather than the more accurate 60. The Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation, Dr Gill Morgan is quoted by the BBC as saying:

'We are extremely concerned about the public fears that may have been raised by the Conservative Party letter about MRSA rates at voters' local hospitals. We fear it could create a misleading picture and damage the reputation of local hospitals up and down the country where frontline staff and their managerial and support staff colleagues are working so hard to tackle MRSA.

'[The] debate [on tackling MRSA] needs to based on accurate facts that aren't open to being wrongly interpreted by voters.'

Are you as afraid as they want you to be?

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