Friday, April 22, 2005

His master's voice

I wonder if the Annil Chandra who is the mouthpiece for John Hemming's campaign against the DTI is the same Annil Chandra who was defeated when he stood for the Liberal Democrats in Bournville in June 2004?

Indeed it is.

An independent voice for Rover workers? Not really.

On past form, they'd be well advised to steer clear of anything even remotely connected to John Hemming. Last time, they got shafted by his mates from Phoenix.

[EDIT: To keep JH happy, here's Annil's other life in Paradigm Jaunt. Not doing thorough research indeed.]


Unity said...

A search for A Chandra on the Brmmingham electoral register give only two names - Annil and Aaron, both listed at the same address in Kings Norton.

Coincidence or what...

john said...

Nothing to do with it.

Annil Chandra the Saxophonist who plays from time to time with Andy Hamilton and the Blue Notes does not live in Kings Norton.

I did notice a few searches on the net about Annil Chandra. I am surprised that politicalhack did not spot that Annil and I play in the same band.

Clearly slacking.

Keep up at the back.

john said...

I have also checked the electoral roll and found Annil exactly where I thought he would be.

ie not in Kings Norton.

Come on now.

Neither of you can do proper research.

PoliticalHack said...

Ah, but I had. I just chose not to mention it. Annil C lives in Northfield - that's easily checked as addresses of candidates are public domain.

'Can't do proper research?' What's factually incorrect in my post, then?

john said...

Annil lives in Weoley Ward, but has a Northfield Address.

My criticism of PoliticalHack's research is that it is not complete not that it is not accurate.

When you used google to search for Annil's details ou also would have got information linking him to a particular jazz band. A little more effort would have linked me to the same group.

Unity, however, has not managed to search the electoral roll for Northfield Constituency.

Anonymous said...

So it would be fair to say that Annil C is dancing to JH's tune in all respects.

john said...

It would not be fair to say Annil is dancing to my tune. For a start he plays the Sax.

The piano is, however, part of the rhythm section.

You could, therefore, say that from time to time he plays in time with a rhythm set by myself. However, to be fair we don't play in the same band that often.

Anonymous said...

John,the question is "do you have a former Lib Dem Parliamentry Candidate acting as a front in your 'cover my arse' attacks on the DTI?". Sounds a simple yes or no answer to me.

Anonymous said...

that'll be a yes then.