Wednesday, April 27, 2005

How clean is your house, Charlie?

Aside from Michael Howard telling us (with a straight face) that

'I'm not aware of any occasion when I have deliberately or knowingly misled people'

Little Chuckie K then topped it with
'They are falling back now on the most negative form of personalised campaigning. It won't do them any good, it won't do the quality of the general election campaign any good.'

Oh yes. Negative campaigning is something that other parties do, isn't it, Charles?

Sadly, for legal reasons, I can't reproduce the leaflet distributed by the Liberal Democrats in Birmingham last year that accused a Labour councillor of being a 'whoremaster.' For once, they found themselves on the wrong end of legal action and settled out of court. But here's another one attacking Tories for betraying their electorate.

Remember Simon Hughes arguing that political parties should have to follow the advertising standards guidelines?

I don't mind arguing about political differences, but I don't like the way that the Liberal Democrats portray themselves as different from the other parties and in some magical way, cleaner and more honest. Those of us who have seen their work out in the field know that this is rubbish - if anything, they fight dirtier, more cynical and nastier campaigns

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Anonymous said...

Just got my Lib Dem election leaflet here on Merseyside.They've devoted a whole page to personally attacking the sitting MP.