Sunday, April 17, 2005

In glorious Hemmingvision

There I am, sitting down to lunch on a Sunday when John Hemming appears on my screen. There really should be some warning to viewers that the forthcoming programme may contain scenes of Liberal Democracy that might alarm viewers with a sensible disposition. I may complain.

He was wittering on about Rover and made that wonderful statement (I may paraphrase slightly, but the sense remainst the same) that
'if there had been a Liberal Democrat government, Rover wouldn't have collapsed about a month before it needed to'
So there you have it, John Hemming would have kept Rover going for a whole extra month. As the Liberal Democrats wouldn't have put any extra money into the company, it is difficult to see how this could have been sustained.

I think that the government have probably acted in the long-term interests of the employees. Yes, additional help could have been offered to keep the factory open another month and to get past the election, but this would have been a cynical ploy - wouldn't it John? The company had failed and the most useful course now is to ensure that help is there for the former employees, make use of the Pension Protection Fund to provide for their future and to identify anybody who might be prepared to continue manufacturing on the site. I still maintain that we will have manufacturing at Longbridge, but it will be a smaller, sports car maker - along the TVR/Morgan/Lotus model.

No wonder he's being kept out of the group that's trying to sort the problems out. Given his track record with Phoenix, he isn't part of the solution, he's part of the problem.


Unity said...

Hemming on the TV at Sunday lunchtime?

I think that calls for a judicial review, don't you? Surely ECHR must say something of the subject of the prohibition of cruel and unusual punishments... Perhaps Jerry Hayes would know? said...

I really am torn regarding my hopes for Hemming's electoral fortunes.It would be wonderful to see him rejected by the electors yet again ,but, he would be a deliciously gaffe prone liabilty for the Lib Dems in Parliament. I can't decide if it's a win,win or lose,lose situation :)

Bob Piper said...

Actually a Sandwell Lib Dem told me the Party regionally are hoping he is elected because he wouldn't get a chance to do so much damage to them in Parliament where he would be gently shunted into a siding and forgotten about.

john said...

Dealing, however, with the substantive issue:

If the company had not been forced into administraiton by the DTI it could have done the deal with the Chinese. - and hence not gone bust -

unity: I am sure Jerry Hayes does know.

Bob Piper said...

Once again, Hemming forces them there jigsaw bits into place until they make the picture he wants them to. So the DTI forced them into this position, not his mates from Pheonix.... because that would be a lead balloon to the voters of Yardley.