Thursday, April 21, 2005

John Quixote

Not that it really required a crystal ball to know that John Hemming's latest demonstration of tilting at windmills was going to end in tears. It was never likely that any judge was going to slam the brakes on the whole election process on the basis that the Yardley election MIGHT be dodgy, even if the case wasn't chock full of flaws.

Messrs Sue, Grabbit and Runne must book their holidays in the Bahamas on the strength of the business that he puts their way. Rather pricey way of getting some free publicity, so it's a good thing that John can afford it and 'Slugger' Prescott agrees.

I'm hanging on here, waiting for John to assure us that his campaign team in Yardley are standing up against their national party policy and refusing to handle postal vote applications in their local office.


Anonymous said...

I seem to recall the litigious Cllr Hemming threatening to take some sort of court action against Birmingham Council for 'killing' elderly residents .Did this action go ahead ?.And as (the new)Deputy Leader of the Council is he still pursuing the case?

Anonymous said...

Jovial John Prescott? Is that the expert on elections and fisticuffs from the N.E. Referendum? Well now, he not only knows about postal voting, he also knows how to manipulate a lost election and still win.
Just to think how grateful the early socialists were for the secrecy of the ballot box! To realise how far our democracy has been destroyed by this kleptocracy! With most of the voters now benefits recipients, state employees, or newly enfranchised convicts, how can the Scottish Raj lose?

Bob Piper said...

Wow!! Can I have some of that stuff anonymous is smoking!

PoliticalHack said...

Sadly, no, Bob. Not unless John and his cohorts form a government.

Anonymous exemplifies one of the key problems with 'Care in the Community.' S/He's lost any contact with reality. Earlier, they were trying to convince me that public healthcare was universally and freely available in the UK prior to the NHS. Nobody went without apparently - and any stories to the contrary are just socialist propaganda.

Anonymous said...

I know you mean well...I think.
But,losing contact with reality? You really dont think healthcare is universally and freely available in the U.K. now surely? Do you really not know that there is no such thing as a free lunch? Is it possible that the helpless citizen is paying through the nose for healthcare?
Funny how socialists think everyone can have anything free. I wonder how much our people pay for their prescriptions, in addition, and their dental care. Do you honestly think there were piles of dead neglected patients around before the NHS? Not from lack of medical care there wern't.