Thursday, April 21, 2005

Leaning on a lamp-post...

Another of the campaign's traditions last night. Two weeks before polling day, we're allowed (assuming we've paid the relevant fees to Birmingham council for public liability insurance) to run around the area tying placards to lamp-posts.

There is a minor art to this - knowing where the entrances to the polling stations are, so that voters get the message on the way in; making sure that areas where traffic builds up are suitably covered so that drivers can't miss your candidate's name; and, above all, knowing where the borders of the constituency are. A candidate in Solihull once spent hours postering large parts of the Meriden constituency, only serving to confuse local electors.

Anyway, I crawled into bed around 2am, absolutely knackered (do remember that some of us have full-time day jobs and do this political stuff as a hobby - not all of us are millionaires).

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