Saturday, April 23, 2005

Lowering the profile

Not exactly the most auspicious of starts to the new Birmingham W1 office in London - designed as a base for Birmingham businesses, but mainly as a marketing ploy for our fair city.

I'm all for innovation and I wish the new project well, but....

Why choose to launch in the middle of a general election? Delaying the official opening a couple of weeks wouldn't have hurt. Why not invite members of the national press and show them that we mean business?

The excuse was that a high-profile event would send out the wrong message. Nope, it would send out exactly the right message - that Birmingham is a force to be reckoned with and while losing Rover is a blow, we're positive about our future. There couldn't be a better time to push the cause of Birmingham and show people what our city has to offer for investors.

So, comments like this from the Birmingham Post:

'Guests left the reception saying they did not fully understand the role of the Birmingham London office and how the facility can be used by the business community. One person, a familiar face in Birmingham business circles, likened it to an expensive lock-up garage.'

make you wonder how businessmen like Mike Whitby, Tory Leader of the Council, and John Hemming, Tory lapdog Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader, ever made their money with marketing skills that poor.


john said...

I was too busy trying to stop Labour fiddling the elections to got to the W1 opening.

PoliticalHack said...

We all know where you were, but as part of the ruling coalition, you get your share of the blame too.

We were all busy working to win the election fair and square for Labour.

So any answer for us yet on whether votes are being farmed by the boys and girls down on the Coventry Road?

Bob Piper said...

...listen to the sound of silence... John's new campaign tune.

john said...

My agent indicates to me that if anyone suggests that they put any postal ballots in our office he will walk them instead to the post box (a few doors down).

In the past we have had one or two ballot envelopes (B - sealed) handed in at the office.

We do have council postal vote forms in the office which are available to people on request.

Bob Piper said...

... Note the caveat, "My agent indicates..." The words 'arse' and 'covered' spring to mind.

PoliticalHack said...

Note also that the question is not being answered.

Are APPLICATIONS for postal votes being fed through your office?