Friday, April 22, 2005

Oxygen of publicity

I feel that I may be fuelling his fire, but what the hell.

John Hemming, perpetual Liberal Democrat PPC for Yardley (until the boundaries change next time round) has turned his fire onto the easy target of silly degrees. Specifically, a degree in International Culinary Arts (Pastry) BSc (Hons) offered by Thames Valley University. The great man writes:
I have great difficulty understanding why someone should have a Batchelor of Science degree to be a pastry chef.
This does sound odd, until you look at the course syllabus and note that the course covers costings, design, hygiene, marketing and portion control - rather more than knocking together an apple pie. I have nothing but respect for anyone who has a full-time job and is working on a part-time degree and when that job is in the hospitality industry - not known for paying high wages - I'd rather cheer them on than criticise.

It may be a specialised degree, but then so is Atomic, Nuclear and Theoretical Physics and at this level, I'd bet that almost all the graduates find good jobs in the industry.

Let's face it John, somebody had to make your desserts when you were on those council-taxpayer funded party-political junkets at the Copthorne Hotel or when your fellow PPC in Sparkbrook entertained his mates in the Council House.

Don't be so damned elitist and assume that anything you don't understand must therefore be easy to do.

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john said...

It remains an interesting question as to why someone should do a BSc (Hons) degree to get a qualification that enables them to do a job that pays 12-15K.

Really ... yes.

Elitist ... hmmm.

Perhaps the reason they don't have degrees to get jobs as car workers is that the DTI are getting rid of car working jobs. Car workers get more pay than Pastry Chefs.