Saturday, April 16, 2005

Scotsman not backing Liberal Democrats

'Indeed, so statist is the Liberal Democrat orthodoxy now and so entrenched the belief that government knows best how to spend, that the logical conclusion is surely to have all wages and salaries paid directly to the Inland Revenue and for the Treasury to regulate means-tested cash allowances for each household. As the Liberal Democrat manifesto now stands, anyone on a higher than average income must be tempted to wonder whether it is worth the bother to work as they do. A few years of this and it is emigration, not immigration, that will be the hot topic. As for the touting of public spending as a gift to be bestowed, so often and so mechanically is the word "free" used as a prefix to some purported new area of spending that the media has almost given up on its duty to point out that such things are not "free" at all, but are financed by a switching of resources from some other part of government, or, as is more likely, financed by higher taxes on income, spending or wealth.'
The Liberal Democrats do seem to have forgotten that the top 1% of the economic system who will pay this new 50% tax rate on income are the ones who can afford the best advice on tax avoidance (avoidance is legal, evasion is not). As Labour found out in the 70s, you can't tax them until the pips squeak, because you suddenly find out that the fruit is seedless.

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