Friday, April 15, 2005

So farewell then

The last British volume car maker slipped into history today.

The shock of thousands of job losses hasn't stopped Michael Howard from wondering if Tony Blair should have intervened sooner or whether
official red tape and the weight of tax levies affecting industry and commerce might have played a role in the disaster
No, Michael. Perhaps the falling sales had more to do with it. A decade ago, Rover had 12% of the UK market. This share declined to just 3% last year. Some of us can remember the support that the Thatcher government (with Micky H as a leading member) gave to ship-building, mining and other manufacturing industries, so you'll pardon me if I look elsewhere for support.

The Liberal Democrats today (no link, but I heard the quote on BBC Radio 5) said that they blamed the collapse on the useless Phoenix management team, which seems to have taken the business out of the fire and straight into the frying pan. John Hemming is the sole voice to blame the whole mess on the DTI (not his former mates in Phoenix). Light has also shone upon Talk Politics and he now understands the emnity some of us feel towards Birmingham Liberal Democrats in general and John Hemming in particular.


john said...

I think I have been quite clear that the management took the company to the edge and the DTI pushed it over the edge. said...

Ah it's all becoming a bit clearer now.I was initially puzzled by John Hemming's shambolic,twitchy ,anti DTI rant on Newsnight last week.