Saturday, April 30, 2005

Thatcher leaves country in disgust

I can hear the cheers rising across the nation now. After all those faded celebs who threaten to leave the country if Labour win (Phil Collins and Jim Davidson have done the decent thing, but we're still waiting on Andrew Lloyd-Webber to make good on his promise), Baroness Thatcher has had enough and has left Britain. It is only a holiday to Venice, but it's a start. We'll get her exiled yet and she can take that waste of space Howard with her as well.

Incidentally, anyone wonder why he's so desperate to move the agenda on from Iraq? Not just because it favours the Liberal Democrats and they look set to remove Oliver Letwin, but because if the focus remains on that issue, the massive holes in his policy will be exposed.

Howard would still have taken us into war, because of Iraq's repeated breaches of UN resolutions, so we'd still be in the same godawful mess, with this new policy of 'Regime Change Plus.' At least the Attorney-General felt that there was an arguable case for war, a Tory AG couldn't have argued the same way, as the war would have been unquestionably illegal under international law.

We were wrong to invade Iraq, but Howard's foolish plan would have led to British troops legitimately refusing to follow illegal orders and British soldiers ending up facing criminal charges in international courts for an illegal military action.

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