Saturday, April 16, 2005

Video killed the political star

From Andrew Neil cavorting with Portillo, dancing girls and the worst Charlie Kennedy lookalike in history (not that it's a wide field), to the Tories' banned party election broadcast (hat tip to The Returning Officers).

Shame Labour can't run either Paxman's recent visit to Howard on the campaign trail or the classic 'Did you threaten to overrule him'. Watch that and tell me he's fit to be PM.

I detect the nimble fingers of Zack Exley in the latest on-line spoof. However, the current champions in the on-line game are the team at Bloggerheads with their 'Backing Blair' campaign. Vicious, smart and funny and the phonebox cards are inspired.

People just can't stop themselves 'improving' the Tories' posters, can they? You could just do your own. Some have even sparked protest demonstrations in deepest, rural Oxfordshire.

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