Thursday, May 12, 2005


Cllr Len Gregory, in charge of Transportation for Birmingham Council, has launched the Congestion Task Force and is asking road users to give him their bright ideas for cheap and 'quick wins' to improve the flow of traffic and cut traffic levels to school holiday levels (by around 15%).

He's got the wrong end of the stick - and not for the first time.

Tweaking white lines and moving traffic islands won't make that much difference. The real answer is an integrated strategy for public transport to get people out of their cars. Perhaps reintroducing those bus lanes? Or announcing that you will support expanding the Midland Metro and stop wasting money on this daft feasibility study into the blunderground - which won't fall foul of their new-found mistrust of outside consultants.

I suspect that these aren't the answers that Len and the road lobby want to hear.


Scribbles said...

Has he got anything to do with National Express's difficulty in being able to agree terms over a new coach station would you know? Or does that come under somebody else in the council? I know several plans have been thrown out over the years. Last I heard they'd dropped the Great Charles Street idea, and were going to redevelop Digbeth.

PoliticalHack said...

This has been a prolonged problem under the Labour administration as well. Lord knows why we can't just get on with it and build a decent coach station...