Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A final appeal

As we start the final sprint to the finish, it seems certain that Labour will still be in government on Friday morning. And yet...

I'm not going to ask you to vote Labour to put Tony Blair back in Number 10.

I'm not going to give you ten reasons to vote for us or vague pledges by which to judge us.

I'm going to ask you to vote Labour for these people:

For the 1.5 million pensioners lifted out of poverty

For the 1 million who have found work through the New Deal

For the 750,000 adults who have improved their lives with basic literacy and numeracy courses

For the 700,000 children rescued from poverty

For the 78,000 new nurses

For the 33,000 people alive because of improved coronary care

For the 28,000 new teachers

For the 27,000 new doctors

For the 25,000 people alive because cancer care has got better

For the 12,000 new police officers

For the 6,000 Rover workers who have seen their pensions protected

For the gay community who now have civil partnership rights and an equal age of consent

For all workers who now have a minimum wage and four weeks' holiday guaranteed

For pensioners who are now guaranteed at least £200 extra for winter fuel

For all our children benefitting from better schools and teachers paid a decent salary

Not just ten, but millions of good reasons to vote Labour.

Don't risk going back.

Don't leave it to someone else.

Don't wake up on May 6 and think 'If only I'd voted Labour, Howard wouldn't be Prime Minister.'

Read about the last time complacency and protest votes cost Labour a third term in office from a man who was there. If you live in a marginal, don't risk that protest vote. Every seat will count. Things aren't perfect and there is still so much left to do, but you know that only the Labour party can do it.

Whatever else you do this week - vote Labour on May 5.

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