Sunday, May 01, 2005

The name's Hussain, Talib Hussain.

Another LD leaflet finds its way to my desk.

This one claims that the Liberal Democrat candidate for Sparkbrook and Small Heath, Talib Hussain, is a 'Bond star.'

That faint snapping sound you just heard was reality being stretched that little bit too far. Here's Cllr Hussain's full movie career, according to the Internet Movie Database:

  • Actor - filmography
    Octopussy (1983) .... Thug... aka Ian Fleming's Octopussy (UK: complete title)
That's it. He's only just on the acting credits list - just above those uncredited cameo roles. And not even a good Bond film, either.

Mind you, he only makes a cameo appearance in his leaflet. Charlie Kennedy's grinning face leers out at me on no less than seven occasions, with Tony Blair, George Bush and Talib Hussain making one appearance each. One of those people is a candidate in Birmingham - I'm not sure which.

It did get me wondering, though. Is John Hemming really some kind of Blofeld character? Is the plan for a Birmingham underground system just a cunning distraction from his real plans? An undercover camera took this picture in Yardley yesterday at the Coventry Road office...

Image Hosted by

The truth is out there. As, possibly, am I.


Unity said...

The dead giveaway here would be if Hemming owns a white Persian cat.

john said...

Cats are never "owned". There are a number of cats that get fed in my house. If you ask nicely I will put pictures onto my blog and then the truth will out. said...

I can see the Focus leaflet now..."Hemming ,the man who saved Rover and feeds cats".

PoliticalHack said...

To imply that any human owns a cat does miss the fundamentals of the power relationship between felines and humans.

Unity said...

My apologies, you are right, of course - what I should have asked is whether Hemming is owned by a White Persian Cat. ;0P