Sunday, May 01, 2005

No. Not really.

John Hemming (on the verge of losing yet another election in Yardley) notes that the Tory helicopter which disturbed the skies of our fair city this Saturday with the banner asking us to 'Imagine five more years of Blair' is in fact a strong argument for voting Liberal Democrat.

I shall put this down to campaign exhaustion, or perhaps he has handed over the keyboard to his cat. If you don't want to see Labour in office, you need to vote Tory, because unless the polls are all wrong on a cataclysmic scale, the Liberal Democrats aren't about to threaten the Labour majority or gain power in their own right. The Tories may have lost the plot, but they haven't actually started advising people to vote Liberal Democrat.

But then, why should they?

All those Liberal Democrats elected in Birmingham last June are loyally supporting the Tories anyway.


Russell said...

Errr, I think you'll find it's the Lib Dems who are in second place around Birmingham, not the Tories.

Another 'veracity shortfall' from the Labour Party?

PoliticalHack said...

Unless the Labour vote implodes and there are mass defections to the Liberal Democrats, voting LD won't put them into government. The only real alternative to Labour nationally is the Tory party. If you want Labour out of government, a Tory vote is what's required.

It still doesn't explain why a Tory advertisement should encourage you to vote LD.

Bob Piper said...

On the subject of 'veracity shortfalls' Russell... err, at the last General Election the Conservatives were a clear second to Labour in Edgbaston, Erdington, Hall Green, Hodge Hill, Ladywood, Northfield, Perry Barr and Selly Oak. The Lib Dems were second to Labour in only two constituencies (Sparkbrook and Yardley) and Labour were second to the Tories in Sutton Coldfield.

Another case of the Lib Dems playing fast and loose with the truth?