Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Party Funding

Unlike the other main parties, the Liberal Democrats do not receive funding from big business or trade unions...

So says their website as it hands round the traditional political begging bowl (we all have to do it). We already know that the Liberal Democrat idea of big business and union donations excludes the donations of £30,000 from McDonalds, £7000 from Tesco, £7500 from La Senza, £1.7 million from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust , £94,000 from Unison, £17,000 from Independent newspapers, £16,000 from Bloombergs, £32,000 from St Mary Abchurch Investments and £25,000 from Pearl Properties.

Even our own John Hemming dug into his pockets a few times here and here.

That pales into petty cash when compared to the donations from the mysterious 5th Avenue Partners Ltd, which has given the party almost £2.5 million since February this year. As the New Politics network points out, this single donor is responsible for over half of the total Liberal Democrat donations this year.

They also highlight that this company was bought out less than a year ago, has submitted no accounts as yet, is registered in the UK only with a law firm and the director is resident in Mallorca. Normally, donations from overseas are illegal, but these are being channelled through a UK firm - a handy loophole that the LDs have exploited.


Anonymous said...

Well I suppose all party donors are worthy of examination, but those poor souls who give to the Lib-Dems get the worst deal. Much better to be like Mittal and the Powderject guy and get back taxpayer's money by the bucket full with the odd seat in the lords thrown in for good measure. Go for broke is best, with the most immoral government in British history how can you lose?

Bob Piper said...

"the most immoral government in British history" Who is this twerp! Thatcher encouraged apartheid South Africa and called Mandela a terrorist. She warmly embraced the mass murderer Pinochet. I suppose it depends on your own moral standards. At least Blair went to Parliament about Iraq... Thatcher sold Saddam weapons after he'd gassed the Kurds and Douglas Hurd made Galloway look like a pussycat when it came to licking the Saddam arse. And I won't even start on the attacks on the miners, the creeping round Ronnie Reagan and his murderous thugs in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras. Nothing like as serious as giving some useless tosser a seat in the Lords. I can see why you want to remain anonymous!

PoliticalHack said...

I can't find a single donation to match that £2.4 million given to the LDs. Not even Lord Sainsbury's £2 million comes close in terms of the campaign budget or as a percentage of total donations (some £17 million in recent months).