Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Sharpening the knives

Post-election, everyone is plotting to bring down the leader. We know that the Tories will probably have a fairly public event after Howard has fiddled the process to ensure that the right man wins (also known as the anyone-but-Davis strategy).

Labour is starting to wash some dirty laundry in public as well, but that may well take a little longer to sort out.

And what of that other mob, the Liberal Democrats? Well, Charlie K has twigged that letting a bunch of sandalista muesli-freaks set policy isn't the best plan, as it just gives the more grown up parties a stick with which to beat you. Hence policies like letting 16-year olds buy and appear in porn as well as drink alcohol and buy drugs or to give convicted prisoners a vote, may find themselves shunted swiftly to the sidelines as the policy process is changed to filter out the wacky and unpopular policies. The policies aren't the only problem, consistency is also required, something lacking in Liberal Democrat politics across the country.

But what of Charlie himself? Has he done well enough against an unpopular government? Perhaps the time has come to find a real alternative?

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