Monday, May 16, 2005


Given that Charlie has only 61 other MPs from which he can choose and that four of the previous shadow cabinet have expressed a desire to leave the 21-strong front bench, wouldn't you have thought that our very own John Hemming might have figured in his thoughts when it came to appointing a Shadow Secretary for Communities and Local Government? After all, John is Deputy Leader of the largest local authority in the UK (information correct at time of going to press) and has some experience of the subject.

You'd be wrong of course, 'cos Chatshow preferred the experienced hands of Sarah Teather with just a few months' experience as a councillor behind her.

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john said...

I have made a specific request not to be given any responsibilities within the PLDP as I have to ensure that I handle my responsibilities to Birmingham properly. I remain chair of the Birmingham Strategic Partnership which gives me the task of trying to get the public sector to cooperate in improving services.

Its not easy.