Monday, May 16, 2005


Two fights for survival yesterday.

Only one was against the odds, so well done to the boys in West Brom.

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The other was in the hotbed of intrigue that is the Birmingham Labour Group. As noted by Talk Politics last week, Sir Albert Bore faced his annual play-off as leader of the Group. Cllr Mike Olley's team of 15 were outnumbered and outpaced by the 29 members that Sir Albert could muster as he retained the title.
His challenge was supported by the belief that he could do a deal with Paul Tilsley - the Liberal Democrat transport 'expert' being touted as the possible next leader of the Liberal Democrat group - contingent upon that position being prised from John H's undead hands and Paul being elected to it. I understand that there are other Liberal Democrats who might have something to say about that.
Mike also seems to believe that we lost power in Birmingham because of poor local services.
Far more significant was the negative campaigning by the Liberal Democrats in the inner-cities, focussed heavily on the Iraq war - something that not even John H can blame on Sir Albert... probably...
What am I thinking? Of course he can.

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