Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Trouble at top?

On Sunday, Simon Hughes said that the local income tax policy was 'flawed' and that he found the number of seats gained a 'disappointment.'
'I supported local income tax as a change. But there was a flaw. And that was that it meant different things in different parts of the country. And that's why I don't think actually in the end it worked well.'
I always thought that meaning different things in different parts of the country was a Liberal Democrat tactic, but never mind.

Yesterday, Chatshow Charlie countered, saying that the policy would be staying and that it 'tested positively.'
We will be sticking to the local income tax. You can always look at any policy, particularly one that you've tested, and it has tested positively during a general election. There was one opinion poll showing seven out of ten in support for the basic proposition we were putting forward and we were the only party with something new to say on the issue. So we shouldn't be resiling from that, and we certainly won't be.

Although that seems to go against the promise that there would be no sacred cows in the party's review of tax policies announced on Tuesday morning.

Seasoned observers will note that Simon Hughes stood against Chuckles the last time there was a leadership campaign. Is this the opening salvo by Hughes to decapitate his own party and open up a vacancy?

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