Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Who's inhaled?

The Guardian's Backbencher email reports the following interesting campaign ploy by the Liberal Democrats which may explain their shock victory in Cambridge...

A friend of a friend of a - well, let's call him a contact - has passed a curious flyer to the Backbencher. Headed "Weed Legalise It!", it was distributed at a pro-cannabis rally on Sunday and bears the logo of the Lib Dem Youth and Students' division. A tear-off strip of three roaches features a suspicious-looking leaf and the yellow Lib Dem bird. Flying high, you might say.

Legalising the weed has been Lib Dem policy for three years, but they've rarely made much fuss about it. The Backbencher hopes Charles Kennedy's younger colleagues haven't persuaded him to substitute joints for his usual tobacco. It won't help him resolve that urgent debate about local taxation.

How does that sit with Law n' Order Hemming?

Or is it another of those inconvenient and embarrassing policies that he'd rather ignore?

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