Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Careful who you are memed with

John made a point about his recent campaign to push for a fairer voting system (one with which I have some sympathy) about spreading the image of people being gagged by the voting system in that their voices are not listened to by the government.

If I was him, I'm not sure that I'd want to be linked with the last 'politician' to be seen in public wearing a gag (although I'm reliably informed that there are others who are regularly gagged in the privacy of certain establishments in Soho)...

The lovely Nick Griffin of the BNP, seen modelling a fine example of the genre after the 2001 election in Oldham. (Not even I would put John in the same category as the odious Griffin, to be fair).

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john said...

I take the view that we should reclaim the flag(s) from the BNP and not be frightened to display British and English flags because the fascists misuse the flag.

I suppose the same must apply to the use of a gag.