Saturday, June 18, 2005

Day two - the story hits the nationals

The wife continues her assault in the Telegraph today, while the Sun gives it barely a mention. The dead tree copies of the Daily Mail, the Times and the Mirror all give it a page's worth with more or less the same story and quotes, but the prize for the best headline goes to the Mirror for 'Libidinal Democrat'
I think this sort of thing sends out a disgraceful moral message
And why not feed the prejudices of the Telegraph?
So many problems in society are caused by single parents and the breakdown of the family and while John is obviously very concerned with improving peoples' lives he has only added to the problem.
'Cos single parents are evil and must be stopped. What a load of Tory claptrap - I thought we'd got rid of that in 1997. Most single parents are not single by choice, but by circumstance and they struggle to do their best for their children, just like every other parent. And just like every other parent, they will get it wrong sometimes and the children may go off the rails. To declare my interest, I'm the product of a single-parent family. I was loved and my mother worked desperately hard to give me the best possible start in life, as a result of which I have a reasonable job, a couple of degrees, a family of my own and this collection of ramblings on the web. This may or may not be a good thing for society - you can judge that, but I know that I owe her an enormous debt that I can't hope to repay. I'm not sure that anyone involved in this story is best placed to lecture us on what's best for society.
Like most relationships, we've had our ups and downs.
John's had a lot of ups and downs, apparently. 26 different sets of them.
I meant my vows when I said them 23 years ago
Glad one of you did. Perhaps John should remember the one about 'forsaking all others.' Perhaps John should just have his trousers padlocked shut.

Speaking to the Birmingham Post, John tells them that all married couples have affairs - a sweeping statement if ever there was one. I think we're all grown up enough to appreciate that humans will fail and many people will stray from monogamy. The odd failure is to be expected in any system, but when it happens 26 times, then I think we're talking a habit here.

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Manfarang said...

The kind of drivel that is expected from these newspapers.
Read a good newspaper- The Independent. The Irish Independent that is.