Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Mast Debate goes on

So the Liberal Democrats and the Tories have decided to end the Labour-imposed moratorium on the installation of mobile phone masts onto Birmingham council property. As Liberal Democrat campaigners the length and breadth of the country continue to leap aboard this particular bandwagon to try and harvest some popular votes (Try this search to see the results), it is good to see them taking a lead in Birmingham and heading in the opposite direction. I'm sure the lovely Nokia Davies will be delighted.

Cllr Mick Wilkes shows us why he almost stole the deputy leader's chair from under Paul Tilsley by assuring us that this will give the council much greater control over siting and emissions. It will also give the council a boost to funds - as well as bribing residents and governing bodies to accept mobile phone masts in return for a share in the rental. It might allow the Tories a little while longer to sharpen the axe before slicing into some of our services. It would be entirely wrong of me to suggest that the additional income was enough to persuade the Liberal Democrats and the Tories to slap the whole policy into reverse and pray that the political consequences have blown over by the time May 2006 comes around.

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