Friday, June 03, 2005

Saying one thing and doing another

Not an unusual stance for our Liberal Democrat friends over the environment. After all, taking action to protect our global future requires some tough choices. (I look forward to hearing that John H has ordered one of these).

For a party attacking the government over their steps towards achieving the Kyoto targets and a party committed to cutting C02 emissions by 20% by 2010, you would have thought that backing renewable energy sources like wind farms would be a good idea.

Sadly, like the congestion charge, this only applies in areas where they can't make political capital out of opposing them - which is nowhere.

We know that Chatshow has already come out against a wind farm in his constituency, now we have the Saddleworth Moor Action Group, featuring Liberal Democrat councillor Mike Buckley, opposing a site that could power well over 30,000 homes. But then, the LD candidate in Penrith opposed a windfarm in that constituency as well, because votes matter more than principles.

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